Every photojournalist need to transform himself into a wedding photo taker ?

Speedy computer photography’s advancement has transformed a number of widely known photojournalistic professional photographers to marriage photographers. The most modern digital cameras granted professional photographers to take more good quality shots in comparison to before. However, this instantaneous style of taking photographs is much more than capturing usual pics. The arts and crafts takes an impressive feeling of anticipation, arrangement, illumination, timing and editing. Such as CreativeView Photographe Mariage, photojournalists often use regularly that standard the ambient illumination for far better capturing of the ambiance as well as avoid to annoy newly wed couple. Marriage photojournalists normally use web based photo galleries to display their end pics, or deliver the downloadable data files to the married couples. Every once in awhile, additionally they make bridal albums. The chronology of the date is honored to show their history as you can see on www.creativeview.ch


Un magnifique reportage photo de mariage à la clé

Avec www.creativeviewphoto.ch vous disposerez de deux photographes professionnels pour vous accompagner tout au long du grand jour. Ce mode de travail est inédit lorsqu’il est bien orchestré. Seuls les photographes de mariage professionnels à Genève et Lausanne peuvent prétendre à un tel usage. C’est notamment le cas avec Creative View Photo mais pas exclusivement.  

Tips for Better Composition of Seascape Photographs

I do not believe that in photography there are absolute rules of composition, but it is undeniable that certain compositions work better than others. Why? Probably because our brain is the result of millions of years of evolution, and as in two dots and a line we recognize a face (you don’t believe me? Have […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Working With Flash Off-Camera

I spent the first three years of my photography career avoiding the use of speedlights off-camera because I couldn’t wrap my head around the concepts and science behind them. I tried to cover it up saying things like “I’m a natural light photographer.” or “I really don’t like the aesthetics of flash photography.” But then, […]

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How to use Photoshop’s Quick Selection Tool to Change a Background

It’s the question I get asked the most in my workshops and classes – “How do you change the background of an image?” Or “How can I cut my subjects out of an image and place them on a new background?” Perhaps, despite your best efforts at placing your subjects in a pleasing, non-distracting environment, […]

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5 Tips for Using Pinterest for Photography Inspiration

Let me just come right out and say it – I think Pinterest is amazing. Not only is it a wealth of information when it comes to recipes and easy craft projects for my two kids, but it is also an incredible source for both photography instruction and inspiration. As a photographer, I am constantly inspired […]

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Creative View Photographie

Creative View PhotographieAs long as teaching and learning in a way perfectly adapted to your audience, the need of real professionals is more and more important those days. You can see photos within the video here. As long as wedding photography is involved with http://www.creativeviewphoto.ch you should try to learn how improve your skills by yourself. CreativeViewPhoto is really great for this and can teach you a lot only by viewing their photographs.

Working as a group too is important and as teaching is involved, there no need to look anywhere else. You’ll definitely need to check this out.  

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